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Here you will find documentation and links to other website containing
important information for St. Marys Soccer Association coaches.

St. Marys Soccer Association whistle imageTeam Parents

Each team will be assigned a Team Parent. The Individual will be responsible for some of the organizational aspects of the season. They will create a snack/drink schedule for the games and help organize the distribution and collection of fund raising activities. The Team Parent is there so that the coaches can focus on the players and their skills development.


Soccer pictures are taken in the Fall Season. Picture forms will be distributed a few weeks before the date, along with the schedule of the shoot.

Other photos may be taken during games or practice. These may be posted to gallery section of this website. (Please be certain to have parents sign the photo release on all your player's registration form.)

Volunteer Screening Program (VSP)
For the Soccer Association for Youth, USA

The SAY Volunteer Screening program consists of two very distinct procedures. They are designed to work in conjunction with one another to ensure a safe, healthy soccer experience for players and volunteers alike.

STEP 1: The first portion of the SAY VSP program is the “TIMES TWO” Policy.

"Times Two Policy"
All SAYAreas must establish and implement a policy to ensure that no less than two adults are present at any team function. Failure to implement the Times Two policy will adversely impact a SAYArea’s liability insurance coverage. Team functions include, but are not limited to, games, practices, picnics, etc. While the focus of this policy is the child, it also provides protection for the volunteers as well in the event of misunderstandings. Under no circumstances should the activity take place if only one adult is present. It is recommended that SAYAreas and Districts review their policy on car-pooling. SAY recommends that volunteers not provide transportation for non-family members. In the past this was more of an insurance issue, but now has greater implications in regards to the intent of the Times Two policy. As stated in the above policy, there are NO exceptions to following the Times Two policy.

STEP 2: The second portion of the SAY National VSP is the Volunteer Screening application and background checks.

Here is the official policy: Volunteer Application The SAY Volunteer Application is an official SAY document, to be used solely for the purpose of gathering information on ANY volunteer. For this purpose a volunteer is any individual that may have unsupervised access to children participating in a SAY sanctioned activity, for the purpose of assisting in that activity. (This does not include parents observing their children during such activities.) While coaches’ best fit this description, other volunteers (such as team parent, officials, board members, etc.) could be covered under this program as well. The minimum acceptable standard is for all coaches and assistant coaches to fill out a SAY Volunteer application annually.

More information about the SAY Risk Management program can be found at their website:
The SAY Volunteer Application can be downloaded below.
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SAY Volunteer Application

Player Attire & Parental Responsibilities for Games & Practices

• Shin guards are required for all practices and games. The shin guards must be completely covered by socks.
• No jewelry is permitted on the field of play.
• Parents must bring water or something suitable for his or her child to drink at all practices and games.
• The parents are responsible for transporting children to and from all practices and games.

Consent for Emergency Treatment

Parents must complete and return the Consent for Emergency Treatment Form prior to the start of practices. As a team coach, you will supply parents with a form along with a welcome letter prior to the start of the season. You can download a copy of this form below.
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Emergency Medical Consent Form

Scheduled Practices

All practices will be held at the St. Marys Soccer Fields, located near the St. Marys airport. Parents are responsible for transporting their children and to be present during practices and games. If any practices or games have to be cancelled, you must contact the parents ASAP. If a child cannot attend a game or practice, the parent must notify his or her coach in advance.

Game Cancellation Procedure

Referees make the final call for cancellations. Please, do not assume that a game is cancelled due to bad weather.

If you need to reschedule a game due to reasons other than weather, contact the Referee Coordinator so he or she can reschedule the game and arrange to have a referee to officiate.

Raffle/Fund Raising

In order to keep registration costs at a minimal level and to maintain the soccer fields, it is necessary to have fund raising events in both Spring and Fall seasons. Details will be available when fund raisers are finalized. Please, coordinate this with your Team Parent.

Team Mailboxes

There will be a mailbox for each team in the equipment side of the Concession Shed. Please, check your mailbox frequently for any pertinent information.

Make a Difference Day

You will be given dates that non-perishable food will be collected at the Concession Stand. Please, remind the children and their parents a few days prior to the event. This is for a very good cause.

Team Schedule

You will receive a Team Schedule prior to the season start. When made available, schedules will also be published on the SMSA website.

Preventing a "Blow Out"

We have been a part of both ends of this issue, (or you will be), either the "blown out" team or the "blowing them out" team. The St. Marys Soccer Association has a very firm philosophy regarding this issue.

Try to prevent a "Blow Out" at all costs!!!

Below are some way you can help prevent a "Blow Out":

  1. Put your top scorer in goal.
  2. Put your goal scorer on defense.
  3. Play with one less player on the field.
  4. Make these adjustments when it is 4 or 5 to 0, NOT when it is 8 to 0.

"Blow Outs" do not benefit either team. When you sense one in the making, do your best to make an effort to minimize the damage.

Contact Players Prior to Practice, ASAP!

Please, contact the player assigned to your team via telephone or letter. Let them know when practices are and what equipment they need to have. Feel free to customize the sample letter, linked below, to send to the players.
Sample Welcome Letter
Sample Welcome Letter

Code of Ethics and FAQ's for Coaches

The position of coach or leader of any youth group is an important and serious responsibility. All the children look up to the coach and respect his/her position. The behavior of the coach is constantly under observation by them and they will strive to imitate the coach’s actions. The coach’s opinion and behavior during the game will carry more weight than anyone else’s, even parents.

Please download and read the Coaches Code of Ethics, linked below.
Code of Ethics for Coaches
Code of Ethics for Coaches

Read the following document to help address frequently asked questions about coaching, such as: how to coach a lop-sided game, how to keep the score down, how to handle a child that causes problems at practice, and how to keep kids motivated during a losing season.
FAQ's: Every Coach Should Know
FAQ's: Every Coach Should Know

Injury Report Form

The Injury Report Form is to be utilized whenever a player is injured during a game or practice. The form must be filled in completely and immediately submitted to a Soccer Board Officer or a Board Member. A copy of this form can be obtained below.
SAY Injury Report Form
SAY Injury Report Form

Codes of Conduct for Parents and Players

The Codes of Conduct apply at all soccer facilities, practice areas, and to away games where the coach, team, and parents are representing the St. Marys Soccer Association. The Player Code of Conduct must be agreed to and signed by the player and the Parent Code of Conduct must be agreed to and signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s).
SMSA Codes of Conduct for Players and Parents
SMSA Codes of Conduct for Players and Parents